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About Hospice

At TLC Hospice we honor life, offer care and comfort with dignity and ease the burdens of all patients, caregivers and families enduring the challenges of a serious and progressive illness.

What is Hospice

Hospice supports patients who desire to end of life with dignity and has as much control as possible. Hospice believes death to be a natural part of the cycle of life .

Hospice aggressively manages pain and symptoms, and supports persons in hopes that they may live as fully and as comfortable as possible, it neither hastens or postpones death.

Hospice is holistic and recognizes that pain and suffering may be physical, emotional, spiritual and social. It supports families in their journey and bereavement and believes death to be a natural part of the cycle of life.

Why choose Hospice?

It is an all encompassing service that provides palliative care and supportive services to patients, their families and significant others at home.

These services are generally provided during the last 6 months of life addressing the physical , social, spiritual, and emotional care needs of an individual during the dying process.

Our services

Registered Nurse
The patient’s nurse manages the patient’s care so that individualized care is consistently provided and coordinated with the other members of the Hospice Team.
Medical Social Worker
The Medical Social Services are provided by a licensed Medical Social Worker.
Spiritual Counselor
The Spiritual Counselor makes sure that the spiritual needs identified in the assessment are met when the patient and family are in acceptance of this service
Volunteer Services
Volunteer activities are provided to hospice patients during the course of care to those patients and families who are accepting of this service.
Hospice Aide
The hospice aide is the eyes and ears of the nurse, and immediately reports changes in the patient’s condition to the nurse.
We believe

…patients and families have personal independence to make end of life decisions that are best for each other.

We help

...families provide their loved ones with the gift of an improved quality of life at home, surrounded by those who love and care for them

We believe enhancing every stage of the cycle of life

We help

...patients and their families meet the patient’s passage with peace and serenity with the assistance of spiritual support

We believe

...every life deserves a peaceful passage

We help

…patients achieve a comfortable end of life experience by aggressively treating pain and symptoms

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